About Me

      Hello, my name is Alex Tan. I'm an aspiring software engineer open to many internship positions throughout the school year and educational opportunities. I am currently a supervisor at the Rutgers Office of Information Technology Help Desk, and I love being able to guide people on the technological issues that come day to day. Although I currently work in the IT field, my future career goals consist of working as a software engineer for any company that is open to teaching people coming into the workforce.

      Ever since I was a child, I always loved to play games and wanted to be a game developer growing up. I knew that this pathway had to start with becoming a developer, writing lines of code, and building something amazing only with one's mind and technology. My first experience with coding started in my county's vocational technical high school, where I was taught the basics of coding, working on simple projects (i.e., pocket calculator). I loved being able to solve assignments or develop certain functionalities and teaching others to do so. Furthermore, figuring out bugs, while sometimes frustrating, is greatly satisfying once finishing and understanding one's flaws and finishing an envisioned project.

      I honed this passion both at my high school and as a hobby learning about various libraries, utilizing different coding languages, and seeing how far I can sharpen my skills as a developer and for my career. I have much to learn when developing deployable applications and software commercially. I am always open to learning whatever is necessary to align with the company's vision as long as there is a mentor to lead me on the right path. That is why I want to join a company willing to hire me not only as an employee but as a student and an asset that will allow me and the company to prosper together.